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Naughty Dreams

Last night I had a very strange dream… I was making love to a beautiful brunet woman with amazing round boobs and peachy bottoms.
In my dream I was sitting in the bar and this sexy brunet came across and asked me if I would like to join her and her partner at the table for a drink. She seemed very nice and I agreed. They offered me a glass of champagne and asked me couple of basic questions of what I do and where from etc After a while conversation sliped into naughty bit and we start talking about our sex experiences… The brunet lady was very flirty with me, she must be bisexual, – I thought. The couple told me about having sex in different places, car, boat, on the plane… To be honest even I am not as adventurous and straight forward as these two were, but I really liked them so we exchange the numbers and they invited me to join them for Christmas party this weekend.
When I returned home, I was thinking about what just happened and weather this brunet sexy lady wants to have sex with me or her bf wants to have 3some, I felt like there is something up. After shower and dressing into my silky pijama, I was laying under the blanket still fantasizing about the brunet lady.
All night in my dreams I was kissing her nipples, touching her skin and playing with my fingers inside of her, we were licking each other in 69 and playing with my toys…
When I woke up in the morning I was very horny and super excited. I took my toys out of the draw and start playing with myself until I cum twice and drifted back into my dreams.
…back to my dream with the brunet lady… She was laying in the bed on the white crisp pillow next to me and light winter sunshine was glittering her body. Her sweet lips were and eyes were closed and her breathe was deep and slow, she still must been far asleep. I went to the bathroom and start running the bubble bath. The bubble cream smelt of rose petals and jasmine. I prepared two cups of tea, one for me and one for a sleeping beauty. As I put cup on the bedside table she opened her eyes and looked at me, her hazel big eyes were smiling: ‘good morning’ 🙂 I gave her a big kiss on her round pinky lips and asked her if she would like to join me for a bubble bath. She was pretty excited about the idea and followed me into the bathroom. The warm water and lite foam of the bubbles covered our bodies, she was sitting opposite me and I could feel how silky is her skin.. She slowly moved her leg up and placed her small feet between my legs… mmmmm I felt the pressure on my clit and a big wave of excitement shivered my body.
We start touching and kissing, my fingers found her nipples they were hard and big, we played with each other for about half an hour until both of us cum and bath start getting colder..
….sudden ring of my phone woke me up from my bubble love making… I opened my eyes and i was alone in my bed with toys next tome, I must have dreamed it all.

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