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Phone Problems

This morning I woke up so upset, I have been having reception problems since last week which results me in missed calls and messages.  The new apartment where I was staying for last week have such a bad phone reception. I totally disappointment, this Chelsea apartment is so lovely but working here is absolute nightmare. As a result, I probably will be back to my previous location in Earl’s court or will check for a new flat after I get back from holidays. Also I will try to buy a new phone with a stronger reception receiver, I heard that it can wary on the model of the phone.
My current number is also will be changed next month, to separate my private and work calls 🙂 which should enable me to provide a better service and increase speed of answering calls and massages.
I will try to notify everyone who saw me about change of my number in advance, however please do not get upset in case if you find my number not working any more. The new phone will be displayed on my website also, so there should be no disruptions.

Sadly the new apartment in Chelsea did not work well for me, but anyone who likes the location of Chelsea Bridge still can see me there, with a friend or just on my own.

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